sketchbooks: July 2013 – July 2014

a lot of them are filled with Dangan Ronpa, Gintama and free! fanart,
so I’m telling you guys: fandoms are good, they make you productive
on the other hand, you spend more time drawing than watching the actual show so …

If you want to improve just draw, it doesn’t matter what or what quality it is. Just draw and have fun, draw some fanart and own characters and dancing objects; name your sketchbook and feed it daily~


there’s the lockscreen meme going around where you screenshot your lockscreen and then tag some people to do the same.
I got tagged but look at this lockscreen pleaseimage

I think I won this one

Anonymous: You are an /amazing/ artist! I've just been blown away by your colours and light and wow! I hope you're doing ok. Have a lovely day uvu

ahhhhhh /w\ THANK YOU
I’m doing fine. The doctor said i should be healthy again the end of August at the latest and then I’m sure to to do and upload lots of new artworks!


there was a serious lack of adorable mikoshiba on my dash and I draw him 24/7 anyways like can u not?! also probably on a date with Gou or Rin in a wig

and now that ep 2 is out I want to draw momotarou as well

ok here’s the deal
they figured I have arthritis mAYBE(?) but are still trying to figure out which kind of the 2 main ones so in 3 weeks I’ll have a check up and then I’ll start medication, I’m not sure however if I’ll be able to paint until then!
but if you want to, you can check out my twitter where i upload left hand tries hah

I really hope I’ll be able to soon update regularly again
~ Tina

I’m so happy for Rin for getting his personal Makoto now

"when I’m big, I’m gonna repair you.
 Get well soon my robot friend.”

/w\ I’m having dreams and headcanons of Kel’s bbs
that are probably extremely OOC

if you ever feel bad about your art, remember those are BOTH mine

T///v///T gross sobbing

here’s the only thing you gotta know about my illustration for the free! BL fanart book LMAO



art traaaaaaaaaaade with swmtk !!! im rlly sorry my colouring is shit mmmmmm i tried my best „„„„, and a super special extra big cream puff

good diddly darn THE BABIES ahhhhh this looks great!!
thank you so much oh gosh I can’t stop smiling THIS IS SO CUTE AHHH


Ko, I want to get out of here … I want to … get out of here

… and then Komaeda keeps patting Hinata and talking about hope

a sight you’ve never seen before

my version for the ASYNSB cover, here’s a close up for you guys heh
this was really fun to do

Anonymous: hey there!! i just wanted you to know your art is dAMN AMAZING and i kept browsing it until the very start and your progress is inspiring. YOUre inspiring and a beautiful person. i saw your guides too, and im even thinking about printing them and putting it up my wall so i keep on trying. lately ive been very discouraged about my drawings (i cant even call them "art" yet) and life in general, but ill just. idk. suck it up and go on!! thanks a lot and keep up your great work!! c:

I’m actually speechless right now, I-
I’m really happy you like my art and I’m really happy you find my works encouraging. Please, keep on drawing, think positive and laugh a lot.
I believe in you.
ahhhhh gosh I’m still blushing ////