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on semi hiatus for health reasons

I draw fanart for what inspires me and my original characters. Expect a lot of:

Dangan Ronpafree!yowapeda and other art






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back by your side
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you okay?… shut up =^=

Aren’s getting real desperate bc he’s fallen for Cad’s cute voice and wants it to stop but it’s too late for him, heh~

Hi everyone,
as you probably have noticed, I was/am on a hiatus due to health reasons.
I have a joint problem and can’t straighten nor bend my elbow, plus my knees hurt for months as well. Occasionally other joints hurt for a bit.
The doctors had a few presumptions but right now it seems it’s no common joint illness. So for the next (few) month(s) I will still have to take more care and take it slow.
Though I will try to upload some art again more often.
Please, take care of yourselves and have a nice day!
- Tina

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Anonymous: I love your sketchbook posts, you're such an inspiration! <3 Can I ask what type of sketchbooks you use? Do you draw onto the covers or replace them?

ahhh thank you!

Sure, ofc. I honestly use whatever cheap empty book with somewhat ok paper i can find. Like 90% of those you see where freebies i got from fairs or school to study with. The other 10% are cheap books from idk-where or self-bound. I’m sorry this answer isn’t anything super amazing and specific but it’s all generic brands OTL

If I get one with an entirely white cover I just draw onto the cover,
if not I draw on a stronger piece of paper and stick it on.

Tho recently I’m using a self bound book which was originally a dummy for an annual report so the front cover has the graphic design on it and the back cover my drawing so my parents don’t touch it when it’s lying around bc who wants to see an energy report pff. 

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❝Makoto’s dick is as big as his heart.❞
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I made really romantic paper stars and i regret nothing

Na- Nagis- ahhh~ someone might come in!!It&#8217;s okay, just enjoy~

this was a lot of fun to paint! time to finally post itfeatured in the Free! BL Fanart Book

"when I&#8217;m big, I&#8217;m gonna repair you. Get well soon my robot friend.&#8221;

/w\ I&#8217;m having dreams and headcanons of Kel&#8217;s bbsthat are probably extremely OOC

T///v///T gross sobbing

here’s the only thing you gotta know about my illustration for the free! BL fanart book LMAO


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